26.07.2017.    Holger B. Nielsen   Novel String Field Theory
13.07.2017.    Ilya L. Shapiro   Do we have a chance for renormalizable and unitary quantum gravity?
10.07.2017.    Dražen Glavan   Electrodynamic Effects of Inflationary Gravitons
12.05.2017.    Thomas Fink   Serendipity and strategy in rapid innovation
12.04.2017.    Hrvoje Buljan   Weyl semimetals in 3D optical lattices, and synthetic gauge fields in strongly interacting 1D Bose gases
05.04.2017.    Predrag Lazić   Van der Waals interaction on surfaces - three stories
07.03.2017.    Umberto Martinez   Modeling interfaces and surfaces using density functional theory and nonequilibrium Green's function method
18.01.2017.    Larisa Jonke   Sigma models from Courant algebroids and background fluxes of string theory
08.01.2017.    Oleg Antipin   UV Complete Composite Higgs Models


08.12.2016.    Vladimir Roubtsov   Lie algebroids and localisation formulas
07.12.2016.    Alexej I. Streltsov   A time-dependent tour with novel highly non-equilibrium quantum many-body phenomena in attractive and repulsive Bose-systems
01.12.2016.    Vibor Jelić   Peering through the Galactic mist towards the first stars in the Universe
23.11.2016.    Goran Popara   Light window for right-handed neutrinos in the Left-Right symmetric model
14.10.2016.    Athanasios Chatzistavrakidis   Courant algebroids in string and membrane non-linear sigma models
19.09.2016.    Joshua Feinberg   Density of Eigenvalues in a generalized Joglekar-Karr Quasi-Hermitian Matrix Model
12.07.2016.    Akifumi Sako   Noncommutative Kahler manifolds and field theory
09.06.2016.    Michal Artymowski   Could known particle physis explain all issues of modern cosmology?
25.05.2016.    Bruno Klajn   Direct numerical approach to one-loop amplitudes
18.05.2016.    Niccolo Loret   IceCube and GRB neutrinos propagating in quantum spacetime
20.04.2016.    Holger B. Nielsen   New 750 GeV diphoton (fluctuation?) bound state of 6 top and 6 antitop barely save vacuum instability!
06.04.2016.    Harald Grosse   A solvable QFT in 4 dimensions and my interactions with "Jurko" Glaser (Glaser symposium continuation)
24.03.2016.    Maxim Polyakov   LHCb pentaquarks
09.03.2016.    Ivica Dadic   Renormalization in Finite-Time-Path Out-of-Equilibrium $\phi^3$ QFT
25.02.2016.    Flavio Mercati   Two contributions to make noncommutative field theory relativistically covariant
24.02.2016.    Flavio Mercati   Through the big bang
08.02.2016.    Tomislav Prokopec   Quantum Scalar Corrections to the Gravitational Potentials on de Sitter Background
     RBI-t-winning seminars
25.11.2016.    Giuseppe Mussardo   Prime Suspects and Coprime Accomplices; Quantum Tales in Number Theory
25.04.2016.    Luiz Vale   Revisiting short-distance QCD corrections for kaon mixing in Left-Right Models
04.02.2016.    Samuel Wallon   Mueller-Navelet Jets at the LHC: Eviden e for High-energy Resummation Effects
     RBI-t-winning lectures: check RBI-T-Winning page


25.11.2015.    Neven Bilić   Randall-Sundrum vs holographic cosmology
04.11.2015.    Nicolo Loret   Some hints on the relation between quantum algebra formalism and phenomenology of deformed relativistic models
05.10.2015.    Stijn van Tongeren   Integrability in string theory and AdS/CFT
30.09.2015.    Alessio Maiezza   Higgs boson(s) in the constrained mLRSM model
28.09.2015.    Nicola Pintus   An exactly solvable inflationary model
22.09.2015.    Svjetlana Fajfer   Scalar Leptoquarks at Low and High Energies
14.07.2015.    Anna Pachol   Twisted equations of motion
17.06.2015.    Fabrizio Nesti   From Neutrino Masses to Lepton Number Violation at LHC
03.06.2015.    Holger B. Nielsen   Dark Matter Pearl able to make Heat by Neutrons and help Supernovae explode
22.05.2015.    Jiangyang You   2nd Order Seiberg-Witten Maps and Four Photon Tadpole in U?(1) Gauge Theory on Moyal Space
15.04.2015.    Danijel Jurman   Random Matrices and Homolumo Gap
27.03.2015.    Vinko Zlatic / Sebastian Krause   Secure communication on networks with no trusted nodes using color avoiding percolation
11.03.2015.    Sebastian Krause   Connecting microscopic behavioral economics to macroscopic financial market models
12.01.2015.    Zvonimir Vlah   Biased Tracers in the Effective Field Theory of Large Scale Structures

20.10.2015.      Glaser symposium
         Philippe Blanchard Selected pieces of V. Glaser's typical publications
         J. Gracia-Bondia A case study in Epstein-Glaser renormalization


22.12.2014.    Dražen Glavan   Late-time quantum backreaction of a non-minimally coupled massless scalar
15.12.2014.    Holger B. Nielsen   Standard Model and Graviweak Unification with (Super)Renormalizable Gravity. Mirror universe idea.
11.11.2014.    Amilcar R. de Queiroz   Spontaneous Lorentz Violation: The Case of Infrared QED
25.09.2014.    Jerzy Lukierski   Quantum Gravity models - a brief conceptual summary
10.09.2014.    Marko Popovic   Hydrodynamic description of Drosophila wing morphogenesis
09.07.2014.    Holger B. Nielsen   Novel String Field Theory Solving String Theory Liberating Left and Right Movers
02.07.2014.    Francesco Toppan   Four types of (super)conformal mechanics
24.06.2014.    Nicolae Atodiresei   Magnetic Properties of Hybrid Organic-Metal Interfaces
18.06.2014.    Francesco Toppan   Noncommutativity from twist
11.06.2014.    Anđelo Samsarov   Entanglement entropy for noncommutative BTZ; Can entanglement entropy explain the black hole entropy?
19.05.2014.    Hrvoje Nikolić   Spontaneous decay, quantum Zeno effect, and black holes
30.04.2014.    Predrag Lazić   Graphene on Ir(111), adsorption and intercalation of Cs and Eu atoms
26.03.2014.    Neven Bilić   AdS braneworld with backreaction
21.03.2014.    Silvije Domazet   Propagator(s) in de Sitter space-time
26.02.2014.    Miha Nemevsek   Origin of neutrino mass and the LHC
29.01.2014.    Tajron Jurić   K-Poincare-Hopf algebra and Hopf algebroid structure of phase space from twist
24.01.2014.    Bruno Klajn   Thermodynamic potential with complex chemical potential
15.01.2014.    Dijana Tolić   Analogue cosmology in relativistic fluids


04.12.2013.    Fabrizio Nesti   The Galactic Dark Matter Distribution
28.10.2013.    Tomislav Prokopec   Phase transitions and asymptotic state on de Sitter
25.09.2013.    Kumar S. Gupta   Anomalies and renormalization of mixed states
18.07.2013.    Danijel Pikutic   Paradigma membrane u fizici crnih rupa
06.06.2013.    Salvatore Mignemi   Relativistic and nonrelativistic dynamics of the Snyder model
31.05.2013.    T. R. Govindarajan   Life at the Edge: Novel bound states on manifolds with boundary
23.05.2013.    Tristan Huebsch   Mreza Calabi-Yau mnogostrukosti i superstrune
28.03.2013.    Ilya L. Shapiro   Quantum Gravity from the Quantum Field Theory Perspective II
27.03.2013.    Ilya L. Shapiro   Quantum Gravity from the Quantum Field Theory Perspective I


13.11.2012.    Marko Popovic   Geometric origin of scaling in large traffic networks
11.10.2012.    Tomislav Prokopec   Symmetry breaking in de Sitter space
19.07.2012.    Holger Bech Nielsen   Predicted the Higgs mass, Multiple Point Principle, Production in Big Bang Time of Alternative vacuum bubbles, Tunguska and Kimberlites
19.07.2012.    Keiichi Nagao   Formulation of Complex Action Theory
26.06.2012.    Daniel Blaschke   Non-commutative quantum field theories, renormalization and emergent gravity
27.03.2012.    Laure Gouba   Minimal supersymmetric extension of the Snyder algebra


07.12.2011.    Anna Pachol   Bicrossproduct construction versus Weyl-Heisenberg algebra
02.12.2011.    Jiangyang You   Progress on gauge theory on noncommutative Moyal space
28.11.2011.    Irfan Mahmood   Integrable Systems Towards Noncommutative Space
17.10.2011.    Joshua Feinberg   Quantum field theoretic methods for studying the density of resonances in open disordered multi-dimensional systems
07.07.2011.    Holger Bech Nielsen   Relations derived from minimizing the Higgs field squared (integrated over space-time)
16.06.2011.    Hisazumi Akai   Density functional method using optimized effective potential method with EXX and RPA
25.05.2011.    Michele Arzano   Anatomy of a deformed symmetry: field quantization on curved momentum space
24.05.2011.    Dimitri Gurevich   Poisson source and basic constructions of Braided Geometry
15.04.2011.    Holger Bech Nielsen   New way of generating gauge symmetries, e.g. Tensor Field Gravity
30.03.2011.    Laure Gouba   Noncommutative Quantum Mechanics viewed in terms of extended objects
09.03.2011.    Gherardo Piacitelli   On models of quantum spacetime
20.01.2011.    Ilya L. Shapiro   One-loop form factors, multiplicative anomaly and galaxy rotation curves


22.12.2010.    Dusko Latas   Kiralni fermioni na nekomutativnom prostoru: renormalizabilnost i disperzijske relacije
15.12.2010.    Sebastien Descotes-Genon   The CKM matrix: from the Standard Model to New Physics
03.12.2010.    Nevenko Bilic   Dark matter in galaxies
17.11.2010.    Andrey Tayduganov   Determining the photon polarization of the b --> s gamma using the B --> K_1(1270) gamma --> K pi pi gamma decay
10.11.2010.    Harold Steinacker   Emergent gauge theory and gravity from Yang-Mills matrix models III
09.11.2010.    Harold Steinacker   Emergent gauge theory and gravity from Yang-Mills matrix models II
08.11.2010.    Harold Steinacker   Emergent gauge theory and gravity from Yang-Mills matrix models I
07.07.2010.    Holger B. Nielsen   Coincidences supporting backward causation
30.06.2010.    Holger B. Nielsen   String field theory with liberation of right and left movers
16.06.2010.    Anna Pachol   kappa-Minkowski spacetimes and DSR algebra: fresh look and old problems
24.05.2010.    Tomislav Prokopec   Gauge invariant cosmological perturbations
14.04.2010.    Neven Bilic   Vakuumske fluktuacije u supersimetricnom modelu u de Sitterovoj geometriji
25.02.2010.    Athanasios Chatzistavrakidis   Unified particle physics models and fuzzy extra dimensions


22.12.2009.    Tomislav Prokopec   Quantum backreaction in cosmology
26.10.2009.    Marco Valerio Battisti   Triangulated loop quantum cosmology
14.10.2009.    Joshua Feinberg   Statistics of Resonances in Open Disordered Systems
05.10.2009.    Holger B. Nielsen   Dark matter, Tunguska, (6t+6t bar)-bound states
29.09.2009.    Renaud Parentani   Black Hole radiation in Bose Einstein condensates
15.07.2009.    Dubravko Horvat   Od crnih rupa preko gravastara do crvotocina
04.06.2009.    Ivica Dadic   Eksponencijalni raspad malog odstupanja od ravnoteze
25.05.2009.    Predrag Cvitanovic   Geometry of turbulence: a stroll through 61,506 dimensions (A guided tour through ChaosBook.org/tutorials)
31.03.2009.    Andrzej Borowiec   kappa-Minkowski spacetime as the result of Jordanian twist deformation
03.02.2009.    Igor Bakovic   Matematicke strukture visih bazdarnih teorija
02.02.2009.    John Barrett   Quantum gravity in 3d - Ponzano-Regge model


03.12.2008.    Ivica Dadic   Stvaranje parova u jakom polju para lasera u konacnom vremenu
12.11.2008.    Hrvoje Buljan   Neravnotezna dinamika Lieb-Liniger i Tonks-Girardeau plinova
16.10.2008.    Marco Valerio Battisti   Quantum Cosmology and Minimal Length
19.09.2008.    Robert Lindebaum   Variable Chaplygin gas - the heart of darkness?
18.09.2008.    Kumar S. Gupta   Noncommutative Gravity and Black Holes
23.07.2008.    Carlos Tamarit   Renormalisability of the matter determinants in noncommutative gauge theory in the enveloping-algebra formalism
18.06.2008.    Hrvoje Nikolic   Kocka li se Bog? Bohmova formulacija kvantne mehanike i poopcenja u fizici visokih energija
14.05.2008.    Charles Young   Towards covariant particle exchange in kappa-deformed quantum field theory
20.03.2008.    Dieter Mueller   Theory and phenomenology of exclusive hadronic processes
20.02.2008.    Marija Dimitrijevic   Deformed symmetries in noncommutative field theories
28.01.2008.    Ilya L. Shapiro   Local Conformal Symmetry and its Violation at Quantum Level


09.10.2007.    Tomislav Prokopec   Decoherence of cosmological perturbations
21.09.2007.    Joshua Feinberg   Does the complex extension of the Riemann equation exhibit shocks?
04.07.2007.    Ivan Dadic   Manifestly Retarded formalism for Out-of-equilibrium Thermal Field Theories
27.06.2007.    Borut Bajc   A predictive SU(5)
18.06.2007.    T. R. Govindarajan   Unitarity time evolution in non-commutative field theory
11.06.2007.    Kumar S. Gupta   Aspects of noncommutative gravity
11.04.2007.    Holger Bech Nielsen:   Finestructure constants from degenerate vacua and gauge bosons also in families
09.03.2007.    Jure Zupan   Two-body B decays in SCET


15.12.2005.    Sasa Kresic-Juric   Loop groups, integrable systems and Segal-Wilson Grassmannian
30.11.2005.    Stefan Berceanu   Representations of coherent state Lie algebras by holomorphic differential operators
05.10.2005.    Heinerich Kohler   Group-theoretical approach to Calogero-Moser-Sutherland models
09.09.2005.    Goran S. Djordjevic   Kvantizacija tahiona metodom integrala po stazama
05.09.2005.    Ferenc Csikor   A comprehensive search for the theta+ pentaquark on the lattice
05.09.2005.    Andras Patkos   Nonequilibrium Higgs transition in classical scalar electrodynamics
20.07.2005.    Vinko Zlatic   Struktura kompleksnih mreza - od interneta do biologije
13.07.2005.    Dieter Mueller:   Generalized Parton Distributions
13.05.2005.    Takuya Tsukioka   Bosonic string and superstring models in 26+2 and 10+2 dimensional spacetime
25.04.2005.    Joshua Feinberg   Quantized Normal Matrices: Some Exact Results and Collective Field Formulation
02.03.2005.    Marija Dimitrijevic   Theta-deformed Space and its Symmetries
09.02.2005.    Wolfgang Schweiger   Point-form dynamics of relativistic few-body systems


25.05.2004.    Kumar S. Gupta:   Aspects of Calogero Model
24.05.2004.    Hrvoje Stefancic:   Fantomska energija - generalizacije i alternative


09.11.2003.    Voja Radovanovic:   Renormalizabilnost SU(2) Yang-Mills teorije na nekomutativnom prostoru
04.06.2003.    Svjetlana Fajfer:   Rijetki raspadi D mezona
10.01.2003.    Tristan Hubsch:   Space-time in string theory and related models


20.12.2002.    Davor Krajnovic:   SAURON studija NGC2974
11.12.2002.    Anais Smailagic:   Noncommutativity in quantum mechanics - harmonic oscillator example
20.06.2002.    Hrvoje Stefancic:   Hijerarhija vremena zivota hadrona s teskim kvarkovima
11.06.2002.    Andras Patkos:   Spectral enhancement at the Sigma --> 2 Pi in strong matter


23.10.2001.    Emil Grgin:   Stvaranje prostor-vremena
16.03.2001.    Helmut Satz:   Quark-gluon plasma
09.03.2001.    Andreas Ruffing:   Hermite Polynomials on Equidistant Lattices


13.10.2000.    Marko Robnik:   Studies in the WKB method in 1-dimensional Hamiltonian systems
12.10.2000.    Marko Robnik:   Randomness of classical chaotic motion
18.05.2000.    Davor Krajnovic:   Kozmicko zracenje najvisih energije i Greisen-Zatsepin-Kuzminov prekid
02.05.2000.    Hrvoje Stefancic:   Predasimptotski efekti u inkluzivnim raspadima teskih kvarkova


15.04.1999.    Matej Pavsic:   Relativistic Membranes and Gravitation


15.12.1998.    Blazenka Melic:   Perturbativi pristup pingvinski induciranom raspadu B-> Pi Phi
11.12.1998.    Larisa Jonke:   Kvantne fluktuacije Chern-Simonsove teorije i dinamicko smanjenje dimenzija