Institut "Ruđer Bošković",  ZAVOD ZA TEORIJSKU FIZIKU

(Zajednički seminari Zavoda za teorijsku fiziku,
Zavoda za eksperimentalnu fiziku i  Zavoda za teorijsku fiziku PMF-a)
Aspects of Calogero Model

Prof. Kumar S. Gupta
Theory Group, Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Calcutta, India

Datum:  srijeda, 25. svibnja, 2004.
Vrijeme: 15.00 sati (c.t.), 
Mjesto: IRB, dvorana I. krilo
The rational Calogero model is one of the most famous and exhaustively studied examples of exactly solvable systems. Since the introduction of this model more than 30 years ago, the solutions originally found by Calogero have been re-obtained using a variety of methods. In this talk we shall discuss certain solutions of the N-body rational Calogero model which have qualitatively different behaviour compared to those obtained by Calogero. These solutions are obtained using self-adjoint extensions of the corresponding Hamiltonian. We shall also discuss a certain class of Calogero models with complex values of the coupling constant and show that under certain conditions the ground state energy of these systems is always real. Finally, we shall discuss the renormalization properties of the Calogero model in the strongly attractive regime of the coupling.
Voditelj seminara: Dr. Blaženka Melić