Hrvoje Nikolić

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Hrvoje Nikolić (2016)

Affiliation, contact and trivia


Professional scientific interests

Foundations of physics, including:

  • Foundations of quantum physics
    • the measurement problem
    • Bohmian mechanics
    • time in quantum physics
    • quantum interpretations as thinking tools
    • particles, fields and strings
  • Relativity
    • special relativity in non-inertial frames
    • general relativity and gravity
  • Black hole information paradox
  • Foundations of statistical physics
    • probability in classical and quantum physics
    • the time arrow
  • Emergent and effective theories
    • analog gravity
    • emergent field theories
    • emergent relativity
    • quasiparticles
    • Wilson renormalization

Amateur interests

  • Foundations of mathematics (logic, set theory, philosophy of mathematics)
  • Philosophy (philosophy of science, philosophy of mind, free will, logic and reasoning, paradoxes)
  • Psychology (personality psychology, irrationality, emotional intelligence, criminalistic psychology)


Physics papers

Philosophical papers

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