Sixty years ago, when the Rudjer Boskovic Institute was founded, the Theoretical Physics Department was its first department, later renamed the Division of Theoretical Physics.

From the very beginning, a close relationship between the Theoretical Physics Department and its counterpart at the University of Zagreb was established and has since proved to be very successful in both research and teaching. Currently, 11 professors at universities in Croatia are former members of the Division of Theoretical Physics. Former members of the Division are also employed in IT sector, engineering, banks, insurance companies etc.

Current research performed in the Division is mainly theoretical high-energy physics (particle physics, general and mathematical physics, astroparticle physics and cosmology) and condensed matter and statistical physics. Recently, the Theory Group has embarked on a new research direction in the field of complex networks.

The staff, currently consisting of 16 researchers with ten postdocs and students, is also involved in undergraduate and graduate studies at universities in Croatia.


Prof. dr. sc. Blaženka Melić
Phone: +385 1 456 1033