Particle Physics and Cosmology Group

The main research areas in particle physics are flavor physics phenomena with a focus on theinvestigation of B decays, CP violation, top physics and collider phenomenology, as well as physicsbeyond Standard Mode, neutrino physics and its cosmological implications. There is a strong background of perturabative QCD calculations investigating the hadron structure (in particular the parton distribution functions), developing methods for NLO calculations of high-energy processes at colliders, and analyzing low energy QCD phenomena.Within mathematical physics, different phenomena of field theories are investigated. In particular, the collective field theory and matrix models, geometry of the non-commutative space and construction of field theories and their symmetries on such spaces.The principal focus in cosmology is placed on the study of the accelerated expansion of the universe and possible production mechanisms, as well as the study of the dark matter modes and the unification of dark energy and dark matter in a single cosmic component. There is also research of models of analog gravity, especially analog black holes and analog cosmology with application to hadronic physics. Finally, various aspects of quantum foundations in high-energy physics are studied, with emphasis on black-hole information paradox and Bohmian formulation of quantum theory.


Blaženka Melić
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Oleg Antipin
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Goran Duplančić
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Domagoj Leljak
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Alessio Maiezza
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Kenji Nishiwaki
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Davor Palle
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Kornelija Passek-Kumerički
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Goran Popara
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