Tajron Jurić

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Tajron Jurić (2014)

Affiliation, contact and trivia


Professional scientific interests

  • Theoretical and Mathematical Physics
  • commutative and noncommutative Quantum Field Theory
  • noncommutative spaces, generalized symmetries (Hopf algebra and Hopf algebroid), differential geometry and gauge theory
  • noncommutative geometry, spectral triples, spectral action and application to particle physics
  • quantum-mechanical completeness, symmetry inheritance and nonlinear fields
  • mathematical structures behind Feynman integrals (period, motives) and Algebraic renormalization
  • Planck scale physics, black holes and entanglement entropy
  • quantum physics, Loschmidt echo, quantum thermalization and integrable systems
  • Mathematical structure of QM & QFT (func. analy., spec. theorem, SAE, a more rigorous understanding of Path Integrals)

Amateur interests

  • tba


Physics papers

  • The [1] list of all physics papers with citations
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  • [3]

Selected presentations

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