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Every time you are about to release a manuscript, please login with your personal account and from the main page select "edit" next to "Preprints & Published Papers" to add your paper. Use the template

Preprint Number: RBI-ThPhys-2020-xx

Authors, title and journal ref. (when available):

Repository Url:

Supporting Grants:

Research Group:

and fill in the relevant information to enter your paper (a preprint of ours from last year is already in as additional help) and save.

As you might notice, in the main page there is also a "Presentations" section where you are invited to add a record for your dissemination activities. Again, I added an entry for both a talk and a poster presentation of mine from last year as a guide, but the template to use is

Given by:
Title: Title
Date & Venue:
Acknowledged Grants:

Please remember to keep these pages up to date, in order to help our group and division leader on their administrative and reporting duty.