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These are the basic instructions on how to use wiki. For more detailed ones, see Wikipedia's instructions.

Creating new accounts

To create a new account from administrator account, go to Special:CreateAccount.

Type in the username and password (twice, in Password and Confirm password fields), while leaving everything else blank and click Create another account.

File upload

To upload a file, click "Upload file" on the left toolbar, or go to Special:Upload.


Headings, subheadings, etc.

For headings, use

== Name of the heading ==

For subheadings, use

=== Name of the subheading ===

For deeper levels use more = signs on each side.


For bold use 3 apostrophes, like this:

Normal text '''bold text''' normal text.

This results in: Normal text bold text normal text.

For italic use 2 apostrophes, like this:

Normal text ''italic text'' normal text.

This results in: Normal text italic text normal text.

For using both, use 3+2=5 apostrophes.

For bigger font, use <big></big> tags, like this:

Normal text <big>bigger text <big>even bigger text </big></big>.

This results in Normal text bigger text even bigger text.

Similarly for smaller font with <small></small> tags.


For external links, use square brackets, like this:

Link to the [ Institute website].

This results in: Link to the Institute website.

For internal links, use double square brackets, like this:

The [[Main Page]] is the starting page.

This results in: The Main Page is the starting page.

Internal links can also have different text. Use "|" (vertical line, usually AltGr + W) to separate the name of the target page and the text, like this:

The [[Main Page|starting page]].

This results in: The starting page.


Enumerated lists:

# one
# two
# three...

This results in:

  1. one
  2. two
  3. three...

Non-enumerated lists:

* item
* other item
* yet another item

This results in:

  • item
  • other item
  • yet another item


To insert equations, use <math></math> tags, with LaTeX equation code inside. For example:

Christoffel symbols <math>\Gamma^\sigma_{\mu\nu} = \frac{1}{2}g^{\sigma\tau}(\partial_\mu g_{\tau\nu}+\partial_\nu g_{\tau\mu}-\partial_\tau g_{\mu\nu})</math>

This results in: Christoffel symbols \Gamma^\sigma_{\mu\nu} = \frac{1}{2}g^{\sigma\tau}(\partial_\mu g_{\tau\nu}+\partial_\nu g_{\tau\mu}-\partial_\tau g_{\mu\nu})