Principal investigator: Larisa Jonke
PI's Host institution: Ruđer Bošković Institute
Project duration: 01.03.2020 to 29.02.2024

Project Summary

The importance of symmetries in physics research cannot be overemphasized. In particular, the exceptional success of general relativity in describing the nature of gravitational interaction, as confirmed in numerous experiments, is based on thorough understanding of the underlying symmetries. However, there exists strong theoretical evidence that in order to describe physical phenomena in the quantumgravity regime one has to allow for more general symmetry structures. The proposed research aims at advancing our understanding of generalized symmetry principles relevant for a theory of quantum gravity as one of the building blocks of so far elusive theory. Using a set of models motivated by string theory as proxies for quantum gravity we shall investigate relevant symmetry structures and their physical implications. We expect that our result will contribute both to the more formal, mathematical understanding of generalized symmetries and to the development of concrete physical description of quantum gravity related phenomena.


Clay James Grewcoe

RBI, Croatia

Larisa Jonke (PI)

RBI, Croatia

Arash Ranjbar

RBI, Croatia

List of publications

L_infinity-algebras and membrane sigma models

Clay James Grewcoe, Larisa Jonke
To appear in the Proceedings of Science

Courant sigma model and L_infinity-algebras

Clay James Grewcoe, Larisa Jonke
Published in Fortsch.Phys.2020

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Larisa Jonke

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