Mini symposium on Physics and Geometry

6-10 of June 2022, RBI Zagreb, Croatia

This symposium will gather approximately 10 external participants plus our local groups, to discuss and exchange ideas and viewpoints on open problems at the intersection of mathematical physics and geometry. The format will consist of one or two blackboard talks per day, with an informal character and without strict moderation. This event also aims to foster collaboration among the participants, by providing time for intensive discussions.

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External guests

  • Alex S. Arvanitakis (Vrije University Brussels)
  • Đorđe Bogdanović (University of Belgrade)
  • Marija Dimitrijević Ćirić (University of Belgrade)
  • Michele Galli (Humboldt University Berlin)
  • Emanuel Malek (Humboldt University Berlin)
  • Richard J. Szabo (Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh)
  • Eric Bergshoeff (University of Groningen)
  • Martin Cederwall (Chalmers U. Tech)
  • Stefan Fredenhagen (University of Vienna)
  • Georgios Itsios (Humboldt University Berlin)
  • Peter Schupp (Jacobs University Bremen)

Organized by:

Athanasios Chatzistavrakidis (RBI), Larisa Jonke (RBI), Jan Rosseel (University of Vienna)

Supported by:

Croatian Science Foundation projects IP-2018-01-7615, IP-2019-04-4168 and Ministry of Science.