Croatian Science Foundation Research Project

Project: Terascale Physics for the LHC and Cosmos

Principal Investigator: Oleg Antipin (RBI)

Principal Investigator's Host institution for the project: Ruđer Bošković Institute

Starting date: 01.03.2017.

Ending date: 28.02.2021.

Project summary

The European Community has invested heavily in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) to solve fundamental problems within high energy physics and the LHC Run-2 period that is now underway may prove to be the most exciting time for particle physics in the 21st century. This project will contribute to solutions of fundamental problems within high energy physics in light of the new LHC data. The aim of this projects is to address these fundamental problems by extending the Standard Model (SM) of strong, weak and electromagnetic interactions which is the currently accepted theoretical framework to describe interactions of fundamental particles. This is interesting because existing unsolved fundamental problems require new, beyond SM physics.

The main direction which we plan to explore is the extensions of the SM based on the concept of asymptotic safety which is a framework to define generic quantum field theory at all energies. The project has four phases:

1. Exploration of the new paradigm of the asymptotically safe extensions of the SM

2. Application of these extensions to the fundamental problem of neutrino mass.

3. Phenomenological analysis of these extensions with accurate predictions for colliders.

4. Cosmological implications of these new models to inflation, dark matter and cosmological constant problem.


Contact info

Oleg Antipin, principal investigator
Particle Physics and Cosmology Group
Division of Theoretical Physics
Rudjer Boskovic Institute
Zagreb, Croatia
tel: +385-1-4561032