Croatian Science Foundation Research Project

Project: Towards quantum gravity: noncomutative geometry, field theory and cosmology

Principal Investigator (PI): Stjepan Meljanac, - senior scientist, Rudjer Bošković Institute (RBI)

Starting date: 1.09.2015.

Ending date: 31.8.2017.

Project proposal summary

The proposed project aims at carrying out research on various aspects of quantum gravity, related areas of mathematical physics, certain topics in cosmology, astroparticle physics and physics of black holes. Whereas a satisfactory theory of quantum gravity still remains elusive, some of the assessed properties revealing a nonlocal character of such a theory (i.e. noncommutativity of spacetime coordinates, ultraviolet/infrared (UV/IR) mixing and the holographic principle) has already changed our perspective upon reconciliation of the quantum field theory (QFT) framework with general relativity. A particular attention will be paid to construction, classification and unification of noncomutative (NC) spaces. In this regard, a procedure can be defined by making use of rigorous quantum deformation techniques as well as some well-known differential algebra concepts such as the Hopf algebra. This permits formulation and study of the twist-deformed Riemannian geometry, the twisted version of Einstein's equations and the algebraic structure on kappa-deformed Minkowski space. A further extension of these ideas opens a possibility to study NC effect in black holes. Furthermore, using the tools of QFT in curved spacetime, several aspects of modern cosmology will be covered including those based on the most successful realization of the holographic principle - the AdS/CFT duality. Finally, a class of quantum gravity models will be tested by probing Lorentz violation in observations of rapidly-varying astrophysical sources of high-energy gamma-rays. This requires a full-fledged field-theoretical model with a trouble-free and meaningful quantum loop results, with all UV and IR pathologies being under control.

Objectives of the proposed research

  1. NC differential geometry on deformed spaces
  2. NC metric
  3. NC fields in BTZ background
  4. NC gravity
  5. NC physics and near horizon geometries
  6. θ-exact covariant NCQFT
  7. New couplings/new processes
  8. Limit on the non-commutative scale
  9. Application to Astroparticle physics
  10. Hadronic fluid and AdS/CFT
  11. K-essence unification and De Sitter invariant propagators


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Job openings

A call for a position of research associate is open.
Call description:
Research in theoretical and mathematical physics, in particular on quantum gravity and quantum field theory with the emphasis on the use of methods of noncommutative geometry and quantum symmetry.

The deadline is until March 3. For all informations please contact

There will be a call for a postdoc position within the project. It will be announced in September/October 2016. The position is for 6 months and it starts on March 1, 2017. For more information contact

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Stjepan Meljanac
senior scientist, Head of Theoretical and mathematical physics group
Phone: +385 1 456 1121